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DO YOU KNOW HOW TO ACT IF car breaks down?

There comes a time a year when the car is used longer than usual. Increase in summer travel, both by road and city. Whether on holiday or making a getaway for the weekend. The summer it’s here. The sun, heat … Comes the desired time of relaxation, enjoyment, fun, but … what if your car damage get broke on the road? Do you know how you should act?

The truth is that this is a situation that nobody likes to suffer. Fortunately these types of breakdowns have been reduced over time, because drivers are more aware of the importance of wearing proper maintenance of the car, but nevertheless sometimes happen. What to do?

Tips on how to act

If you are in this situation you’d better pass on city road, as it entails less risk. But in any case, follow these tips:

  • First of all, you must remain calm despite the situation. Try to get over to distress, anxiety or impatience of other drivers, that will help you think clearly and act better.
  • As soon as possible warns other drivers that suffer a breakdown with warnings. If it is night, it is advisable to leave the lights to be so visible.
  • Ideally, whenever is possible, leave the road to avoid obstructing the traffic, but is not always possible. In that case, try to stick as possible to the right edge of the roadway.
  • Activate the parking brake and turn off the engine.
  • Before leaving the car, having checked that there will no irrigation for anyone, whether the fault is on the road, must place the reflective vest. It is mandatory to have at least a vest in the car, although the ideal is to have one for each occupant of the vehicle.
  • Place the triangles. If it is a dual carriageway, will have to place two triangles: one in front and another behind, at a minimum distance of 50 meters from the car and so that each is visible from at least 100 meters away. If you are on a highway or freeway, you should put only a triangle on the back of the car.
  • Call your insurance company for you to come to the aid.

And remember that many of the failures on the road, can be avoided taking a good maintenance of your vehicle at your workshops of your confidence.