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The 6 essential points you should check before travelling

Here are 6 points to check before leaving on a trip must perform a tune to your vehicle. If you do not touch any of the periodic reviews of your car, the better for your pocket, but that does not mean forget about maintenance. A cursory review levels can help you avoid unwanted surprises in any situation. Fill consumables; check the tire pressure or the position of the lights it is in your power to keep your car in perfect condition.

If you do not want anything (at least nothing related to your car) will embitter the holidays, it is essential to do a tune-up before departure. We go over the 5 points that you might check:

Lights: if a driver has given you long without knowing why, perhaps it is because they are poorly regulated. This is a necessary operation from time to time and with a screwdriver regloscopy and will correct any defects in seconds. Do not forget the fine tuning of the lighting system. Your security on the road depends on it.

Brake fluid: Simply step on the brake pedal and see if the level of low expansion glass. Thus it is found that the system retains its optimum pressure.

Tires: You must check both their status as balanced. To assess the degree of tire wear usually wear indicators in the tread, if they are single witness is time to change, the same as if this is less than 3 mm

You should also check that the tires have no cuts, dents, holes, or uneven wear. If the four ‘ bands ‘ are not well balanced, you’ll notice noises, boats and the steering wheel vibrate at medium-high speed.

Remember, finally, confirm that the pressure is adequate marking the manufacturer.

Battery: If you see that battery fluid comes out, you must change and check the alternator. Also, you have to try to keep clean the battery terminals and discard if one looks abnormal (rusty, rough …).

Suspension, ignition and injection: Squeaking, chirping noises and parts, as well as body roll during cornering (when we say it looks like a boat), are symptoms of poor condition of the suspension. If the car takes to boot, the problem may be in the ignition or injection.

Spark plugs, cables and filters: The manufacturer indicates the periods for review of the cables and filters. Regarding the spark plugs, please note that if they are dirty can cause start-up problems and increase fuel consumption.