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1. Brakes

Be especially careful with the brakes, they are part of the most important safety system in your car. Usually, they are not paying much attention until they begin to fail, however, and the risk that may be worn by them the investment you have to do for your arrangement will be more difficult and costly; try not to miss a long time.

You must constantly check the level of brake fluid reservoir, avoiding the lack of liquid, which will better braking and increase pad life.

It is easy to wear when they present because the handle can feel instability, vibration, light tapping or squeaky sound when the pedal is pressed. Review them at least once a year is more than enough to ensure good performances and safety.

2. Lubricants

They are essential for the proper functioning of your car, because they ensure that each moving parts in the engine get enough to move freely and to avoid possible friction causing premature wear oil. They also contribute to the machine cooling, which prevents the temperature rise friction.

Therefore, you should be very aware to check the oil level and change and use a lubricant of excellent quality. Just take note that the product adheres to the requirements established by the manufacturer of your car, considering the model and year of the vehicle.

Keep in mind that the oil change has to do with several factors such as driving habits, vehicle types, oil to use, among others, but something elemental that you should not forget is to avoid exceeding 20 thousand kilometers with the same oil. Consult the manual of your car and observe periods of change recommended by the vehicle manufacturer.

3. Shock Absorbers

They are responsible for maintaining control and vehicle stability, leveling the bumps and knocks that your car may have in unexpected situations, thus preventing the suspension damage. They also help keep the tires attached to the ground and suffer more wear .

Although the dampers look in good condition, they must be replaced after 50 to 60 thousand kilometers. Some signs to detect wear are: Discomfort while driving, poor stability of the vehicle, move noise , loss of control , among others.

4. Tires

Security Longtime Companion ! They are the contact between your car and the pavement, so it is important that they are always in good condition and can travel quiet and comfortable.

To prevent wear reviewed at least once a month the pressure recommended by the manufacturer, if you have the inadequate amount of air (either excess or shortness of breath) have less control of the vehicle, increase braking distances and your tires will wear faster. When you detect damage or cracks in them, like vibrations or strange noises, visit the workshop to review and make any necessary changes.

5. Body

A well maintained body dazzles alone ! While it is inevitable that it will deteriorate over the years, wash your car regularly will prevent accumulated dirt from sticking to the paint and damage . We recommend using special materials for cars, and avoid wear; You can also wax it two or three times a year, will protect the climate.

To keep it in good condition, avoid rubbing stains dry because you can scratch the paint, not let stains and especially the remains as bird feces, stay for long. Note that the sun damages lot of painting and is one of the common causes of attrition, so we recommend try to park in places with roof or shade. An impeccable body and engine care, maintain the market value of your car, you MUST consider it!!

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