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falling asleep while driving

Drowsiness while driving is a common phenomenon that many have experienced, however, we can prevent this from happening by detecting us what is what causes us to dream and applying some tips to reduce sleepiness.

1. The rest will always be your best ally, to avoid falling asleep while driving and as one of the main causes of sleepiness is tiredness and fatigue seeks rest between six to eight hours a day, which is the time the body needs to recover energy.

2. Avoid eating things difficult to digest before handling, meat and prepared foods with more seasoning and in larger amounts will cause digestive process will be slower causing us sleep. Eat with a considerable time in advance or eat something lighter.

3. Each know our body and its functioning, thus we know that at certain times of day demands rest, usually occurs at night or certain afternoon if you get used to taking naps, avoid driving in these lapses as we can pass a bad move that sleep overcomes us.

4. rehydrate constantly while driving. Bring a bottle of water which continually’re drinking, stay hydrated will give you more energy. It is true that energy drinks or coffee containing substances give us a sense of revival, however, it does not rely for once the effect pass the dream come suddenly.

5. stop for a few minutes journey time to time. Get out of your car, look at the scenery and stretch your legs. Whether you to drive on the road or in the city, it is recommended that these activities because they distract us and we cleared by turning to activate to continue our journey.

Finally, never try to “beat” to sleep because sleep is a basic need of human beings, whether flat fatigue and sleepiness you are gaining stop and take a nap or choose a place to sleep, do not force me to handle well recalls that one of the causes of auto accidents is driver fatigue, tired or sleepy.

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